Sunday, December 11, 2011

Elves, Chains, and Lanterns

We have done so much for Christmas! I'm exhausted, but we are having so much fun....One activity they loved were the elves! We made these adorable little helpers....which I found here....then filled out an elf application...which I found here. The applications were hilarious and the elves turned out great, but... I kind of thought maybe... the kids could {quickly} cut out the patterns, trace them onto the construction paper, cut those out, then assemble {no big deal...right...HA!}!! Well, they did do it! It just took a realllly long time :)

A fun little mathtivity we did was our Christmas chains and Chinese lanterns...They made the chain in an ABB pattern and the lanterns in an AB pattern. When the firsties finished their part of the chain they had to connect their individual sections. It was awesome to see them working together to keep the long chain in the ABB pattern. I couldn't believe how proud they were of this chain. It is now hung, in all it's glory, outside our door and part way down the hall! The lanterns are in our room but I guess I forgot to take a picture of them. Tomorrow we are decorating gingerbread houses... :)

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