Saturday, January 7, 2012


I was on Pinterest this morning and found a pin about idioms that linked to ReadLearnTeachLife. I loved it! There was not a download for the cute worksheet; so I made one.... you can download it here
We will read this book about idioms Why The Banana Split. Hilarious!
Then we'll do the worksheet!

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Mindy said...

Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

You are so welcome!! Thanks for commenting! :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

Patti Barker said...

Thanks for sharing is exactly what I need for the unit we are currently doing!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I work with children with Autism and idioms are very difficult for them. Can't wait to incorporate this into the program.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Would really like if it had a place for students to write the real meaning of the idioms... though that can be hard! I may have students just do that on the back :)