Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Yesterday we read the book

I bought it at our school's book fair. It's a scholastic and it's a good one. I wanted to get this
but did not order it in time. Anyway, the activity we did with it were these adorable Q-Tip skeleton's that were in Rachelle's Halloween unit at What the Teacher Wants. It was super easy to cut the Q-Tips, in fact, I did it really fast when they were at a special. When we started I gave each student a copy of the skeleton from the halloween unit so they would have a reference on their desk. I haven't done that before because usually I make a sample before they try something new. I also talked them through it. But as they started, I got a little nervous, I really thought they might not be able to do the craft. But instead of overly correcting each project, I just kind to let them go and they turned out REALLY cute!

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Rachelle said...

They turned out great!!!!!!!! Last year, I did it step-by-step with my kiddos and they turned out cute. This year, I let them do it and they turned out GREAT! :)