Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This idea is all over Pinterest....but I first read about it at The First Grade Parade. {love that blog}

Today, we performed surgery....on words....we took two words, cut out a letter, bandaged them up, and ended up with a contraction!....THE KIDS LOVED IT!!! and I'm pretty sure the kiddos got the idea....After the words were all cleaned up and school was out, I was DETERMINED to re-create the stinkin' cute doctor that I saw on The First Grade Parade....so I looked at the picture and free-handed it... I can't believe it... but I love how it turned out....and I cannot draw...it took me probably an hour {or more} to draw, color, laminate and cut out... but the results were totally worth it to me! I want to publically say thank you Cara Carroll, whoever you are, for your darling, fun ideas that children love, and for sharing them with everyone...bless you :)


Sarah said...

Hi! I discovered your blog from freebie friday. Very cute (new follower) You drew the doctor very well and I love that the kids came to school and old people for 100 day. Too cute! Great ideas. Come check out my blog for more math ideas. :)

Kim said...

thank you so much Sarah for your comment! It really made my day :). I will check out your blog!

Laura said...

The doctor looks great! Such a fun activity! Just found your blog through tpt! I'm your newest follower! Saw you teach in Madison! I'm in Brandon! Small world! Can't wait to see more! Stop by when you can!

Peace, Love, and First Grade

Delighted said...

Just found your blog! I just love this activity! Next year I am definitely going to do this with my class.
First Grade Delight

Kim said...

Delighted...thanks for the comment! Went to your blog...love it...became a follower! :)